Wear- Resistant Plastic Nylon Gear


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Wear-Resistant Plastic Nylon Gear – Product Description

The Wear-Resistant Plastic Nylon Gear is made of PA (Nylon) material and is available in customized sizes. It comes in various colors including white, black, green, blue, and yellow. With a density of 1.2g/cm2, this gear offers excellent wear resistance, anti-aging properties, and lubrication.

The Wear-Resistant Plastic Nylon Gear, manufactured by Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries (Group) Company, is known for its toughness, even at low temperatures, and high surface hardness. It exhibits mechanical stability, lower shock, and abrasion resistance. Additionally, it has good insulation and chemical properties, making it a widely used material in various mechanical structures and spare parts.

Advantages of the Wear-Resistant Plastic Nylon Gear include:
1. Good tensile strength
2. High impact and notching impact strength
3. High heat deflection temperature
4. High strength and stiffness
5. Good glide and limp home characteristics
6. Good chemical stability against organic solvents and fuels
7. Resistant to thermal aging (applicable temperature between -50°C and 110°C)
8. Size alteration by humidity absorption must be considered

Applications of the Wear-Resistant Plastic Nylon Gear include:
1. Substitution for wear parts of mechanical equipment
2. Quick-wear parts of equipment instead of copper and alloy
3. Shaft sleeve, bearing bush, lining, lining plate, gear
4. Worm gear, roller copper guide rail, piston ring, seal ring, slide block
5. Spheric bowl, impeller, blade, cam, nut, valve plate
6. Pipe, stuffing box, rack, belt pulley, pump rotor, etc.

Properties of the Wear-Resistant Plastic Nylon Gear (for reference):

Property Item No. Unit MC Nylon (Natural) Oil Nylon+Carbon (Black) Oil Nylon (Green) MC90 (Blue) MCNylon+MSO2(Light Black)
Mechanical Properties 1 Density g/cm3 1.15 1.15 1.135 1.15 1.16