Small Modulus Precision Plastic Nylon Gear Non Standard Custom Processing


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Small Modulus Precision Plastic Nylon Gear Non Standard Custom Processing

The Small Modulus Precision Plastic Nylon Gear is a high-quality gear suitable for various applications, including motors, electric cars, motorcycles, machinery, marine equipment, toys, agricultural machinery, and cars. Its soft tooth surface provides a smooth and efficient operation. This gear is designed as an internal gear and is manufactured using the cast gear method. The toothed portion shape is a spur gear made of nylon, which offers excellent wear resistance and self-lubricating properties.

Customization options are available for this gear, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. Our team of professional engineers can design products with optimal size and performance based on your requirements. This ensures that the gear performs well under different working conditions. We prioritize quality assurance at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that the final product meets our high standards.

Why Choose Nylon Gears?

– Good wear resistance: Nylon gears can withstand wear even under high-speed and high-load conditions.
– Self-lubricating: Nylon material possesses natural lubricating properties, eliminating the need for additional lubricants.
– Lightweight: Nylon gears are lighter than metal gears, making them suitable for weight-constrained applications and reducing inertia.
– Low water absorption: Nylon material has low water absorption, making it reliable in wet or underwater environments.
– Corrosion resistance: Nylon gears are resistant to corrosion and oxidation, ensuring good performance in various conditions.
– Low noise: Nylon gears produce less noise compared to metal gears, making them ideal for low-noise applications.
– Good insulation: Nylon material offers excellent electrical insulation properties, making it suitable for applications that require insulation.
– Easy to manufacture: Nylon material is easy to machine, resulting in low manufacturing costs. It can also be used to create complex gear shapes, making it suitable for mass production.

In addition to nylon gears, we also offer customization options for high-performance material gears and metal gears. Our wide range of materials and sizes allows us to cater to various industries and their specific needs. Whether you require steel, alloy steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, or other materials, we have the expertise to provide you with high-quality gears.

With over 15 years of experience, our company is dedicated to providing reliable and customized gear solutions.