Self Lubricating Corrosion Resistant Color Plastic Nylon Board Sheet Gears


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Self Lubricating Corrosion Resistant Color Plastic Nylon Board Sheet Gears

This product is a type of engineering plastic sheet made of Mc Nylon material. It is self-lubricating, corrosion resistant, and designed to be used as gears. The following are the product specifications:

After-sales Service: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year
Material: Mc Nylon
Kind: Engineering Plastic Sheet
Water Absorption: <0.01%
Contraction Percentage: 2.0%~5.0%
Samples: US$ 1/Piece1 Piece(Min.Order)|Request Sample
Customization: Available|Customized Request

Product Description

The PA66 MC Nylon Sheet is made of 100% new virgin material. It is available in various thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 150mm. The length can be customized according to your needs. The standard colors are natural, white, black, and green, but custom colors are also available. The density of the sheet is 1.2 g/cm3. The service options for this product include CNC machining, welding, bending, thermoforming, fabrication, and assembly.

PA6 is known for its excellent performance, toughness even at low temperatures, high surface hardness, mechanical shock resistance, and abrasion resistance. Combined with good insulation and chemical properties, it is widely used in various mechanical structures and spare parts. PA66, on the other hand, has higher hardness, rigidity, and better resistance to wear and heat deflection temperature. It can withstand temperatures from -40ºC to 110 ºC.

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