Plastic Injection Plastics Parts Custom Size Nylon POM Gears


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Plastic Injection Plastics Parts Custom Size Nylon POM Gears

Plastics for friction and wear applications: Plastics such as UHMW, nylon, POM, HDPE, PEEK have low friction and outstanding wear characteristics, even in the absence of external lubrication. These materials are widely used in Plastic Machinery Components and high-speed packaging and conveying applications where wear resistance and smooth operation are essential.

UHMW is tough and durable. It performs well in applications such as chute liners and star wheels where low friction and excellent wear performance are required.

POM (sometimes referred to by the brand name Delrin®) is easy to machine into complex shapes. It has low friction and superior strength and stiffness compared with UHMW.

Nylon has outstanding wear characteristics, particularly when it is in contact with metal in dry environments. Nylon is often used for pulleys, wheels, sleeves, gears, blocks, fixtures, bearings, and bushings.

HDPE is the most widely used type of HDPE profiles, washers, and fixtures on the market. It’s lightweight, strong, and long-lasting.

Applications for plastic materials include:
1. MC nylon pulleys: Looking for a one-of-a-kind pulley solution? Round belt, v-belt, and flat belt pulleys can be made to order with multiple grooves, with or without hubs.
2. Nylon rollers, chain sprockets, or straight/helical gears: Nylon rollers run more quietly and cause less chain wear than metal sprockets. Other benefits include corrosion resistance, lighter weight, and greater impact resistance. The compressibility of plastic materials results in greater tooth deflection than found on a metallic sprocket, increasing the overall load capacity of the sprocket.
3. HDPE, UHMW PE guide rails: Provides easier clean up, meets FDA, USDA, and pharmaceutical requirements, can be used as a guide rail, belt support, or wear strips. Custom profiles are available on request. Static dissipative and oil-filled UHMW guide rails are available. Fits commercially available clips and brackets.
4. Other plastic spare parts such as roll end bearings, washers, machine guards, bearings and bushings, star wheels, guide rails, flexible tubing, blocks, rollers, sheaves, sealing rings, spacers, gaskets, etc.

NING E-PLASTICS Capabilities Include:
– CNC routing
– CNC milling
– CNC turning
– Precision cutting
– Polishing
– Molding
– Heat and line bending
– Assembly
– Close tolerances
– Large and small parts

1. Q: What color can you make?
A: Usually, we can make the regular colors like green, blue, black, yellow, grey, etc. You can also provide the Pantone color number for reference.

2. Q: What is your MOQ?
A: It depends on the drawing.

3. Q: What is your delivery time?
A: It depends on the volume, usually about 7 days.

4. Q: How can I get a sample?
A: Small size samples are free, you only need to pay for the shipping cost. Customized size samples should be charged.

5. Q: What is your payment?
A: 50% T/T in advance, balance before shipment. Other terms negotiable.

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