Injection Molding Plastic Nylon66 Gear


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Injection Molding Plastic Nylon66 Gear

The Injection Molding Plastic Nylon66 Gear is a versatile and durable product that finds application in various industries. It is made from high-quality Nylon material, which offers excellent wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance properties. The gear also possesses self-lubrication, vibration-absorption, and noise-absorption capabilities.

Key Features:

– Material: Nylon
– Size: According to Drawing or Sample
– Color: Natural, White, Black, Green, Blue
– Tooling: CNC Lathe
– Density: 1.2
– Application: Food and Beverage Light Industry, Electronic Industry

Product Description:

The Injection Molding Plastic Nylon66 Gear, also known as monomer casting nylon (MC Nylon), is a widely used engineering plastic with a range of applications. It is manufactured by melting caprolactam monomer and pouring it into molds under atmospheric pressure. This process results in different castings such as rods, plates, and tubes. MC Nylon has a higher molecular weight compared to other nylon materials, which enhances its mechanical properties.

MC Nylon Gear exhibits the following characteristics:
1. Good wear-resistance
2. Good corrosion-resistance
3. High self-lubrication
4. High vibration-absorption
5. High noise-absorption

The property of MC Nylon Gear includes:
– Density: 1.15 g/cm3
– Water absorption (23ºC in air): 1.8-2.0%
– Tensile strength: 89 MPa
– Tensile strain at break: 29%
– Compressive stress (at 2% nominal strain): 51 MPa
– Charpy impact strength (unnotched): No break
– Charpy impact strength (notched): ≥5.7 KJ/m2
– Tensile modulus of elasticity: 3190 MPa
– Ball indentation hardness: 164 N/mm2
– Rockwell hardness: M88


The MC Nylon Gear finds application in various industries, including:
1. Chemical Engineering
2. Electric/Electronic industry
3. Auto industry
4. Packing machine
5. Engineering machine
6. Pharmaceutical/equipment industry

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