Customized PTFE Peek Plastic Gear Machining POM Nylon Plastic Sprocket


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Customized PTFE Peek Plastic Gear Machining POM Nylon Plastic Sprocket

This product is a customized plastic gear made from materials such as PTFE, Peek, POM, and Nylon. It is designed for various industrial applications and offers exceptional performance. The gear is machined with precision to ensure smooth operation and reliability. It is available in different sizes and can be customized to meet specific requirements. The plastic gear offers excellent abrasion resistance and is suitable for use in industries such as industry, medical and pharmaceutical, semiconductor, photovoltaic energy, chemical electronics, and communications. It is widely used in CNC machines, industrial equipment, and other machinery.

Product Features:

  • Material: Nylon, PEEK, POM, PTFE, and other engineering plastics
  • Color: Available in white, black, green, nature, blue, yellow, etc.
  • Condition: In stock or made to order
  • Molding Method: Injection molding, compression molding
  • Shape: Can be customized according to drawing
  • Physical Properties: Offers excellent physical properties
  • Other Shapes