Custom Plastic Injection Products ABS Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling Transmission Part Accessories Manufacturer


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Custom Plastic Injection Products ABS Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling Transmission Part Accessories Manufacturer

This custom plastic injection product is made from various materials including PP, PC, POM, ABS, PVC, PS, and PE, among others. It is commonly used in medical, household, electronics, automotive, agricultural, and furniture applications. The product is certified with TS16949, RoHS, ISO, and ISO9001 standards.

Product Description

This custom plastic injection product is manufactured by a reputable company specializing in producing high-quality plastic parts. It is made from a wide range of materials, such as ABS, PC, PP, PS, POM, PBT, PVC, PA6, PA66, PA66+30%GF, PTFE, PC+ABS, PE, TPE, and Nylon, to meet different application requirements.

The product is designed with precision and has a tolerance of +/-0.1mm. It is available in various unit weights, ranging from 1 gram to 10,000 grams. The tooling lead-time for manufacturing this product is approximately 3-7 weeks, while the production lead-time is around 2-4 weeks.

This product can be customized according to specific requirements. The company accepts customized requests, ensuring that the product meets the exact specifications and needs of the customers.

The surface treatment options for this product include color painting, chrome plating, texture, silk-screen printing, vacuum coating, laser etching, rubber coating, and more. The company provides various surface treatment options based on the customers’ requirements.

The product is certified by SGS as an audited factory. It also holds ISO9001:2015 international quality management certification. Additionally, it is recognized as a High and New Technology Enterprise. The company ensures the quality of the product through technicians’ self-checks, engineer spot checks, QC inspections after product completion, and 100% inspection before shipment.

The company utilizes advanced inspection instruments, including Height Gauge, CMM, Universal Tensile Testing Machine, Salt Spray Test Box, Dynamic Balance Detector, Pneumatic Detection, Universal Hardness Tester, Caliper, Electronics Scale, Micrometer/Microcaliper, Gage Blocks, and Pin Gauge.


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