CNC Milling Small Plastic Parts Nylon Pinion Worm Gear


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CNC Milling Small Plastic Parts Nylon Pinion Worm Gear

The CNC Milling Small Plastic Parts Nylon Pinion Worm Gear is a thermosetting plastic part that is formed through compression molding. It is available in various colors such as white, blue, red, green, brown, yellow, and nature. The material used for this gear includes nylon, PA, POM, PE, Upe, PTFE, PVC, and ABS.

This gear is widely used in different industries such as industry, medical and pharmaceutical, semiconductor, photovoltaic energy, chemical electronics, and communications. It has good abrasion resistance and is suitable for various applications.

The gear is made using CNC machining technology, which ensures precise and high-quality manufacturing. It can be customized according to specific requirements, and samples are available upon request.

The gear is made from high-quality materials that exhibit excellent physical properties. It is durable and long-lasting, making it suitable for demanding applications. The gear is available in different shapes and sizes, including sheets, rods, tubes, gears, racks, pulleys, guide rails, and plastic fittings.

The gear is packed securely in plastic bags, cartons, wooden cases, pallets, or containers for safe transportation. It can be delivered by air or sea, with air delivery being faster for local market purchases.

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